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How is the sales process

  1. Contact by phone or email, set up time for meeting on site in house or apartment. We ask some questions about the housing to be able to do some basic work before the meeting.
  2. Meeting – At the meeting in the home we usually sit down and hold an interview, the purpose is to find out what the seller wants, within what time the house is planned to be sold and expectations of the service. A number of questions are asked about the property as a basis for any valuation. After the interview we go around the house or apartment to clarify things we have already talked about during the interview etc. Here we also usually give good advice what you can think of to make the home as attractive as possible for sale.
  3. Offert – Job description – After the meeting, we send (usually via mail) a clear job description, valuation and offert. In valuation we write both things that are positive about the home and things that you need to think about in the future. We have a policy of letting our customers think through their decision, our customers should not feel that they have to sign agreements directly in place. If you want to get the offert in English it goes well.
  4. Preparatory work – If you want to sell a little further ahead and want to prepare your home for sale, we can start working behind the scenes to make contacts with prospective speculators of the home. If we have more time to create these contacts, it will usually generate more bidders.
  5. Styling – When we start the sales process itself, you can hire so-called stylist companies that specialize in making the presentation of the property interesting to speculators, usually there is competing housing and we want to present your home in the best way. We have contact with a number of stylists and we can choose which company is best for your particular home. The first meeting with an interior design specialist / stylist is free, wants to get the company’s services with furniture etc they have their own price list which they will present to you. It is completely optional to use stylist companies.
  6. Photo – The next step in the process is photography. We have worked with the imagery and offer pictures that stand out from the crowd. Day pictures, evening pictures, drones / aerial pictures etc are included and are determined on a case by case basis what is needed to present the home in the best way. You get to see the pictures before publishing and we discuss together how to present the home.
  7. Housing Information – To be able to present the property in the best way, we need to find out as much facts as we can about the home in order to present it in the best way to prospective buyers, here it is important to really get all possible information. When we later hold the presentation on place in the home, it is important to be able to answer all possible questions, this provides security for any buyers.
  8. Inspection / Energy declaration – If you sell a property or apartment, you can choose to do so-called pree inspection (or seller inspection). In some cases, you also need to make an energy declaration of the property. We carefully go through the advantages or disadvantages of this. We have contact with different companies that do inspections, it is very important and can be absolutely decisive which company or inspector who performs the inspection. It is a cost for inspection and energy declaration.
  9. Ad production / Home description – With pictures and text information we can now produce home descriptions in paper form and in digital form. We can now clear the entire ad for eg Home etc. All advertising is sent to you before proofreading and your thoughts (ideas).
  10. Advertising / Marketing – We have many different channels that promote your home, digital, via mail, telephone, paper mail to targeted audiences etc are some of these. We go through this in detail with you so you know what we do and when.
  11. Showing experience – We book the showing date in consultation with you, it can be weekend or weekday depending on the season. At the show, we make several presentations where information about the home is given, possibly a review of the inspection, area information etc. We also have details in the presentation so that prospective buyers can know and identify with your particular home.
  12. Bidding – After the bidding starts, bidding can take everything from bids coming directly after the show to days before the first bidding arrives. It depends on the interest, price and location of the home. All bids are registered in a list together with information about the bidder. The list will later be reported to sellers and buyers. You can bid in three different ways, via tel, mail or sms to the broker. You can also place bids directly into our system via tel / sms. All bids must be forwarded to the seller.
  13. Bank contacts / Value of the bidder’s home – We have very good contacts with most large banks, as bidders / buyers it can be nice to have a good bank contact for eg. credit commitment. In some cases, bidders / buyers also want to get their home valued quickly to their bank, and then we help with this.
  14. Contract / contract signing between seller and buyer – After the seller and buyer have agreed on the price and date of entry, we meet to sign a contract / agreement. We usually meet in our office. The buyer has then provided his personal information, possibly loan pledge / bank contact etc. In the agreement we can include the terms that the seller or buyer wishes and have agreed. When the contract is signed, you have 10 days to pay down payment. The down payment is 10% of the total purchase price. Payment for the broker’s service is deducted from the down payment after the terms of the purchase contract have been fulfilled.
  15. Entry – Entry is the last in the chain of events and the closing of the buy. Most often, we meet again in our office to sign a letter of purchase in the case of property sales and proof of purchase for appartement-owner rights as well as liquidation settlements. Purchase letters / proofs of purchase and Liquid Settlements are scanned into the buyer’s bank, which then pays out the remaining purchase sum to the seller’s bank. The purchase letter in the original is usually sent to the buyer’s bank, which then sends it to the registration authority for application law to the buyers.
    Finally, sellers and buyers receive a broker’s journal where the broker’s work is presented in chronological order.


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