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There are five different prices:

  1. Valuation Price
  2. Starting Price
  3. Seller’s price
  4. Bid Price
  5. Final Price

The valuation price is usually calculated by the broker from the so-called place price method, ie. Statistics on previous sales of similar items in the locality are compared both directly, but also in relation to factors affecting the value eg. size, location and standard. Common key figures used are the average price, the average price per m² and the average of the price through the appraisal value (K / T value).

The starting price is an agreed starting price for a sale, the starting price / starting price usually lies within the limits of the valuation.

The seller’s price is the price the seller can accept in a sale. You should know that the seller can change during a sale and want a higher or lower sales price. It is always the seller who determines the final price, even if it was lower or higher than initially thought. There are also locations in eg. death estate where the seller has not determined the price but relies on the market and how it goes in sales.

Bidding price is the price that has become after the bidding has ended and no more bids are received. Here, the seller can either accept the price or await a subsequent sale, then you can offer the property later and maybe in another season etc.

Final price is the price that the seller has accepted as the final price, it can differ from the other prices.



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